There is really no explanation needed as to why you need a safe.

Thought comes in when you determine what item(s) will be going into the safe, and because there is such a wide array of valuables, there are also a number of different security safes to choose from. So how do you know what safe will work best for your needs?

Size – Typically you’ll end up with a bigger safe than you initially planned for. Account for the future as well, you may end up storing more stuff in the years to come.

Is a hidden security safe or wall safe the right choice?

Typically high end items should not be stored in a wall safe. Burglars will often look for wall safes first and they offer little fire protection.safes madison wi

Floor Safes – Floor safes are great for security but offer very little fire protection as well. The body of a floor safe is encased in concrete on five sides it is effective when it comes to security. The reason behind such low fire protection ratings is the fact that the door is exposed with no fire board to dissipate the heat. If you’re looking to protect money or important documents, you’re much better off getting a free standing composite fire safe, burglar fire safe or high security burglar fire safe.

What type of fire rating is best for fireproof safes?

People tend to overlook fire ratings but it should be one of the main features to assess. A fireproof safe with a minimum 1 hour rating is recommended. Fireproof safes with less than an hour fire rating will not provide the necessary protection to survive a typical home of business fire. If you’re on a budget get the highest rating you can afford.

Safe installation – Some safes don’t require installation but things become pretty difficult the heavier and larger the safe is. Having us handle your safe installation can end up saving you time and money in the long run. Moving a safe to a ground-floor location can usually be done with 2 or more people and the proper tools. If safe installation requires you to ascend more than 3 stairs you’re going to need specialized equipment, more people, or better yet, just contact us for safe installation