Home Security Locks

How do you know you have the safest and best home security lock available? 

Can your current home lock protect you and your family from unwanted visitors?  Most homeowners are unaware of the security issues with the standard grade home locks.   Did you know that you can secure your home with a better lock for only $100 more than the standard install lock product?

If you are unsure of the quality of your home’s security locks, it is best to consult professionals.  Our locksmiths are experts in this field and can point you to the best types and brands of lock for your home.  We offer a free, no obligation survey of your location to provide you with the peace of mind to know how to secure your site.

It is not our intention to scare you, but educate you on home security threats that are real.  If you have a Kwikset or other standard lock product, you could be at risk.  Watch this video to see how fast and easy it is to pick a lock:

Aside from the above method of entry, lock bumping is another issue to be aware of.  Intruders can enter your home with a key using this method:

Why take the risk to save a few bucks?  We will help you on your way to the best home security. Our customers agree a little extra expense up front pays with peace of mind later on.